How to write for Trump supporters.

And YOU thought writing was hard!!! In fact, for loyal Trump supporters, writing is as easy as taking an inspirational text and changing a few words. Here's how it is done:

First select a classic passage from an influential leader. For example: Joseph Goebbel's explanation of the "Jewish problem" in 1933:

"History has never had a revolution less bloody, more disciplined and more orderly than ours. In attempting to deal with the Jewish question and to approach the matter legally for the first time in Europe's history, we are only following the spirit of the age. Defending against the Jewish danger is only part of our plan. When it becomes the only issue when National Socialism is discussed, that is Jewry's fault, not ours. It has attempted to mobilize the world against us, in the secret hope of winning back the territory it has lost."

Now let's walk through the conversion: