Welcome to Trump Points!!!
Trump in MAGA hatAre you one of those poor bastards who is still pondering how Trump became president? Do you still buy into the "fake news" pushed by a "liberal media" controlled by the "radical left"? Do you still doubt Trump's outstanding appointments to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, and the Education Department? Do you not understand what "Make America Great Again" means?

Then this site is for you.

Through our unique training method, you will learn how to become a loyal Trump supporter. Our method is simple. We present you with a series of subjects, like Politics, Environment, Education, and so forth. After you select the subject you are interested in, you will be presented with several questions. For each question there will be a series of answers to select. Points are assigned to each answer. If you select the right answer, you will receive "Trump points". If you select the wrong answer, you will recieve no points or negative points.

The goal is to receive as many Trump points as possible. Only then will you start thinking like a true Trump supporter.

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