Stephen Miller

Spot Evil With Our Looking Glasses!!!

Evils lurks everywhere!!! It has made its way into your schools, your church, your neighborhood. The ‘corporatist, globalist media’ has weaved it into virtually everything you read, hear, or watch. It spreads like stinky sewage and once it takes hold you can never remove the stench.

Find the devil
You know the devil always lurks nearby. Now you can easily identify him.
But how do you know the specific faces of evil? Sure, you can complain about the effects of evil after the fact. But only by knowing who the evil people are can you possibly confront its spread at the source.

The look like regular mirrors, but you know better.
Luckily Own Your Absurdity Press is marketing a new line of Looking Glasses that will instantly identify who the evil people are. Developed by the same people who brought you “square circles“, these looking glasses are cleverly disguised as mirrors. That way people will simply think that you are looking at yourself. Little do they know that you are actually scanning your surroundings for the insidious and cruel people who are up to now good. And once you know who they are, you can go after them with a vengeance.

Compact Mirror.
Cheap at only $400.
Our looking glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all reasonably priced. A very popular item is our compact looking glass. Just think, you are at Sunday school where everyone is acting so high and mighty. Quietly open your compact looking glass as though your are going to powder your nose, then see who which of your “friends” are, in fact, low life hypocrites up to malicious no good. Then unmask them in front of everyone.

Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller spends all day looking into his looking glass thinking it is a mirror.
Trump’s staff has wisely installed Looking Glasses throughout the White House to identify and keep tabs on evil.
Looks like a regular bathroom mirror!!!
Our regular size mirrors start at a reasonable $500 ($800 installed).
However, they are still training Trump’s appointees about the Looking Glasses. Speechwriter and consultant Stephen Miller spends all day looking at himself thinking that he is looking into a regular mirror. The staff is still mustering the guts to explain what it really is.

So don’t wait to get a handle on who the evil people are in your life. Looking Glasses are slightly more expensive than regular mirrors, but don’t you think your friends, family, and nation are worth it?

And keep an eye our for more products, such as Looking Glass add-ons that record the faces of evil your looking glass captures and posts them on a public “Faces Of Evil” site so everyone knows who to watch out for. We’ll even be developing IOS and Android versions of Looking Glasses so you can be even more discrete.

So don’t wait. Evil doesn’t, so neither should you.