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GOP Stink Bombs
Recent legislation produced by Republicans in the Texas legislature serves no purpose other than to create havoc for Texas and Texans. House and senate Republicans are beholden to special interests, fringe groups, and dark money whose agendas are oblivious to the needs and well being of the people the legislature serves.

GOP legislatures like to proclaim they support life and liberty. In fact they support neither. Working hand in hand with governor Greg Abbot, their only goal is their own self interest.
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GOP Stink Bombs: Election Integrity

"Election Integrity" is simply code for voter suppression. The election of Barack Obama as president in 2008 shocked the white conservative establishment. That kicked off a concerted effort to undermine the credibility of free and fair elections, despite any evidence of fraud.

Trump and the "big lie" has gallivanted support in Republican controlled state houses to do anything possible to marginalize those more likely to vote against the white conservative establishment.
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