Roger Wiliams

Get Rich Today!!!

RWTX25_223x182 Roger Williams is the congressman from the TX 25th Congressional District, an extremely gerrymandered district designed to silence liberals.

Roger Williams calls himself a “business owner”. But that business is a car dealership .. one that he inherited from is daddy. He understands real business like the tapeworm inside of him understand fresh air. And yet he boasts that his experience is beneficial in helping guide financial policy. No wonder he likes Donald Trump.

Abandoned buildings.
Does your community have abandoned buildings? Turn them into a charter school and start making real cash!!!

Roger William’s greatest claim to fame is to boast about being a multi millionaire without gloating. How to do this? Oppose the “Death Tax”.

When Roger Williams protests the “Death Tax“, he is saying “Hey, I am one of the super rich” while getting you to believe “I’m just like you”. Have fun with that.

Roger Williams is a perfect bed companion for Donald Trump.