HATE: The Abbott Way.

Learn how to Abbott applies H.A.T.E. to voter fraud.
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Texas governor Greg Abbott has mastered the art of self promotion through a simple method of demonizing, criminalizing, and degrading certain Texans to the delight of other Texans.

In other words, rather than fixing problems facing Texas and Texans, Abbott uses problems as a way to identify and target enemies:

  • Ignore fundamental issues, concerns, and rights of citizens, letting problems that could be fixed fester.
  • When issues become large enough, announce that you will now become involved to provide a “FIX”.
  • Develop a fix that is based on demonizing, degrading, and humiliating citizens.
  • Use fix to champion hate and rage based on differences in race, economic status, immigration status, and such.
  • Repeat.

Let’s face it, this approach is much more fun than facing the challenge of true, effective “governance”. And you can help Abbott through H.A.T.E.: Help Abbott Target Enemies!!!

Watch Abbott’s masterful work as he addresses the “Homeless issues” in Austin.

Guns and refugees
Refugee targets: get a “feel” of what fun it is to be like Greg Abbott.
  1. For years promote tax policies that undermine the ability of regular Austinites to maintain affordable housing.
  2. Ignore Austin’s efforts to address growing homeless and economic inequality issues.
  3. Refuse to offer state resources or support as Austin implements camping rules as a first step to address issues.
  4. Once Austin takes the first baby step to develop and implement a policy, portray it as being the “cause” of the homeless problem and threaten Austin with state action to “cleanup”.

As Abbott demonstrates, why bother finding meaningful solutions to the challenges faced by Texas when you can use them to promote hate and rage for your own self promotion.