Roy Cohn Lives!!!

Before “The Apprentice”, before “The Art Of The Deal”, before Trump’s “Taj Mahal”, there was Roy Cohn.

“Where’s my Roy Cohn” interview.
Who was Roy Cohn?
Working with Trump and his father, Roy Cohn protected the Trump empire from federal law suits about housing discrimination in their federally subsidized housing projects. The Trumps never “won”, but Cohn showed the value of suing, counter suing, and suing again until everyone was exhausted. And then claiming victory. Cohn taught Donald Trump the art of lying, cheating and deception to get ahead.

Does he look familiar? He was McCarthy’s lead counsel during the McCarthy hearings. Roy Cohn died in 1986.

During McCarthy hearings.
What Trump learned from Roy Cohn: Attack, never apologize, never be on the defense, always use hyperbole and exaggeration, and have no scruples with lying. – Interview with Jim Zirin.

Roy Cohn has been characterized as “a snake”, “a scoundrel”, “amoral”, “savage”, “abrasive” .. among others.

Lying, badmouthing, belittling, unapologetic name calling, playing on peoples’ worst fears and paranoia, every underhanded and deceitful behavior that Trump exhibits was taught or legitimized by Roy Cohn.

Now you too can spot the spirit of Roy Cohn through the tweets of Trump and his sycophants. Cohn during McCarthy hearings .. see his deviousness in action.