Who are the best liars?

Sarah Palin
Always be careful. Some people who consider themselves “great liars” are just stupid.

There are too many great liars to mention here. Every day I see their “work” in the media and am so impressed by their ability to come off as “legit” when they are lying their asses off. It is so awesome. Understanding that you might not agree with my top picks, here are a few that really inspire me.

Trump: the best liar he knows.
Trump: the best liar he knows.

The best liar is Donald Trump. Yeah, you knew that was coming. Look at all that he has accomplished through lying. He earned more in tax benefits from NYC than he ever shelled out. He said he was going to build housing to support “everyone” then kept out the blacks. He told people was very, very wealthy while applying for bankruptcy. And that is just the start. His lying career in business set the stage for a very successful lying career in politics. Want to lie like the pro? Learn from the pro.

Vladimir PutinAnother great liar is Vladimir Putin. But lets face it, he has it easy. No one questions his authority, so he can lie all he wants. And the more people realize that he is just lying and there is nothing they can do about it, the easier it is for him to lie. For that matter, telling the truth would be so much more difficult than lying that there is no reason to tell the truth. Yeah, Putin has it easy.

Lamar Smith
Oh man, does this guy know how to milk lies.

One of my favorite liars is from the great state of Texas – Lamar Smith. You may not have heard of him, but man has he done a great job of screwing you over with his lies. He is the representative for the TX 21st US congressional district. A few years back through some fun district gerrymandering, his largely “conservative” district pierced into Austin. He silenced whole swaths of Austin while he terrorized and intimidated “global warming” researchers with “the power of the subpoena” as chairman of the Science, Space and Technology committee. Because of him and his great lying skills, significant research into the causes and impact of global warming is continually suppressed. I love the guy.

Chris Christie would have been a great liar if only he had convinced everyone that the mayor of Fort Lee, or "liberals", or NYC had caused "Bridgegate". But he is just as sloppy as he is fat.  Oh well.
Chris Christie would have been a great liar if only he had convinced everyone that the mayor of Fort Lee, or “liberals”, or NYC had caused “Bridgegate”. But he is just as sloppy as he is fat. Oh well.
Roger Wiliams
An “honest” car dealer.

Another one of my favorites, also from Texas, is Representative Roger Williams. Another guy in a district gerrymandered to screw Austin, Roger Williams is the congressman from the TX 25th US congressional district. What I love most about this guy is that he always talks about “business experience” when his only business experience is running a car dealership given to him by his daddy. He never had to actually start or build a business, but pretending he understands what this really takes with a sincere face is what makes him a great liar. Also, if you want to get into the business of poverty capitalism, that is, getting rich by ripping off desperate people living paycheck to paycheck, then Roger Williams is the the guy you want representing you. I love the guy.

Well, I know there are many more great liars. But I didn’t include dead people, such as my ultimate favorite, Richard Nixon (man was he good), or those closer to me, like my mother who lied to me about the importance of eating vegetables rather than cake. But those that I have listed are my top 4 liars that are both living and continue to influence my career. I love them all.

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