MAGA vs Civility

Civility: the enemy of MAGA!!!

Defend MAGA: fight civility with rage.
Hard core Trump supporters know that cordial discussions among people who disagree has no place in the efforts to “Make America Great Again”.

“Build The Wall”, “Lock Her Up”, “Fake News”, “Drain the swamp” are phrases of passionate convictions of righteousness, not thoughtful discussions of the challenges facing America and effective solutions to address them.

Honor thy Trump
Loyalty above all else.
Trump supporters champion the idea that only by following a strong leader like Trump will the ills of our society be addressed. To them, America is broken, and the only fix is to rally around Trump as he kicks the crap out of every person, group, or organization that he claims is trying to undermine America’s greatness. Only then will MAGA be possible.

Trump supporters know that civility is the enemy of MAGA!!!

At #ownyourabsurity, we want to distinguish this commitment to Trump and MAGA by highlighting some fun and interesting ways to fight civility in the name of MAGA.

Consider a policy to protect your freedom.
  1. Always believe that Trump is infallible in everything he does and says.
  2. Don’t read the fake news New York Times or other radical left publications that attempt to “fact check” Trump.
  3. Understand that rage is the twin brother of hate. So learn the art of hate.
  4. And to be successful at hate, you should also learn the art of the lie.
  5. Consider the variety of options available in areas such as healthcare so you don’t have to depend on socialist programs like Obamacare.
  6. And most importantly, protect yourself in the event that your support for Trump falters with a TTI – Trump Treason Insurance – policy.
A TTI policy will protect you if your support for Trump falters.