Is your child an idiot?

What neo-Nazi’s really feel.
Is your son spoiled and lazy? Does he sit around all day ranting that his liberty under attack, that liberals and the “deep state” are taking over America, that the “ANTIFA” movement is violating his “free speech rights”, that the tyrannical government is about to take away his guns, and that whites are being discriminated against? Does he still wish that you would cut his food, wipe his ass, and change his diapers?

Then your son is an idiot.

Show the world what is really going on. Click on image for full size view.

Idiots make the best recruits for neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. The propaganda of hate groups gives idiots a sense of purpose and legitimacy when what they really need is a solid kick in the ass to start taking personal responsibility.

Flag of those too lame to wipe their own asses .. perfect fodder for Bannon.
Flag of those too lame to wipe their own asses.
It may be too late to change him. But, with the help of Own Your Absurdity Press, you can show the world what is really going on. Our new line of bumper stickers will show your friends, neighbors, and members of your congregation the true nature of your son and his behavior.

Won’t you feel relieved that you don’t need to apologize or explain his behavior. Just point to the bumper sticker and you’re done.

So if your son is an idiot, or, for that matter, your husband, brother, uncle, or anyone else in your inner circle, check out our line of bumper stickers (available soon).