Who benefits from a good lie.

Who benefits from a good lie? You do!!! Effective lying has always worked for Trump. He has gotten contractors to build amazing things under the pretense that he was going to pay them for their work. And when he didn’t, he made up more lies to give the impression that they already had been paid, or that the great work they did was substandard, or their contract was not with him but with another entity (also created through a lie).

John Boenher
John Boehner was at his lying best when he would say “we want to work with the president”. That was cool.

The most effective liars Trump know are with the Tea Party, or the now so called “Freedom Caucus”. Boy can those folks lie. They know that it is not just the quality of the lie, but the timing of the lie and the audience of the lie. They know how to identify angry white trash – people who can’t afford a new car, or whose toilets are constantly plugged up – and capitalize on their anger by telling them that Obama caused their problems. And they know to do this around primary time when everyone else is out drinking and not paying attention. Yep .. they know how to benefit from a good lie. Trump loves them. And they love Trump.

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