George and Jane

Only one who understands.
Want to understand the appeal of Trump? Get to know my Uncle George and Aunt Jane.

I never understood the appeal for Donald Trump until I understood why my Uncle George and Aunt Jane like him so much. For them, Trump is the trusted gentle giant who completely “gets” them, their anxieties, fears, and concerns.

“Fibromyalgia makes me fat”.
And they don’t need to be tangible anxieties, fears, and concerns. Let’s face it, my aunt and uncle have it pretty good. They have a nice house, individual retirements, wonderful kids all out of the house, and medicare plans with doctors they like.

“Did you hear the one about ..”
But they are still pretty upset all the time. They know that at any minute illegal immigrants might be squatting on their property, allowed to do so by liberal policies that them greater rights than you have as an American citizen. They know that their right to own guns would be denied them if not for the valiant efforts of the NRA. They know that Hilary lied about Benghazi and was involved in all sorts of shenanigans with underage children held if sexual bondage. They know Obama was “the worst thing that happened” to America, and that this is true even if they can’t explain why. They know global warming is a complete hoax because it hasn’t killed off their garden.

Yes .. get to know my aunt and uncle and you’ll understand why Trump is so popular. In this blog I will be tracking my interactions and adventures with them. Sure .. I’m not including their real pictures or their real names, but the stories are pretty darn real. So get ready for my weekly updates and enjoy the ride.