The Joy of Hate.

You’ve no doubt heard of The Joy of Cooking and The Joy of Sex.    Hate too can be a source of joy.   To unshackle yourself from any sense of civility and morality and then just hating all the time is like being drunk all the time – without any of the physical, chemical, or social repercussions.  

Dan Patrick hate pimp
TX Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, a great hater, never stops smiling.
A good hater is someone who:

  • Seeks out angry and enraged people to emotionally manipulate for his own self promotion and agenda.
  • Is indifferent to the credibility of his message as long as it helps foster anger.
  • Is fully verse in all aspects of lying (See The Art Of The Lie!!!)
  • Does not suffer emotionally or physiologically from his own hate.
  • Really enjoys hating.

Haters are not:

  • Inherently angry people. Angry people can become haters, but carrying anger is unhealthy. Angry people lack the focus and concentration to become successful haters. They are instead “fodder” for haters.
  • Are not stupid. They have to be smart to manipulate stupid people.
  • Care about the well being of others outside of how it suites their own agenda.

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