TTI: Trump Treason Insurance

Trump will make America great again.   But there might be some bumps on the way.   Part of making America great will be obedience to his regime.   So you will be required to adhere to a strict loyalty oath.  And there will be severe consequences if you disobey that oath.

Loyalty enforcers.
Loyalty enforcers.
But not to worry.  #ownyourabsurdity will offer TTI: Trump Treason Insurance.   For a mere $400 a month ($700 for a family), you will be shielded in the event that you say or do something that is not in line with you loyalty oath.

Do don’t be caught off guard.  Once Trump becomes president, loyalty enforcer squads will take to the street. Be ready with a TTI insurance certificate when they show up at your door. Also, make sure to consider purchasing “Citizen In Good Standing (CIGS)” certificates for you and everyone in your family. They can only help.