Alien Alert!!!

We already know aliens are here.
We already know from the landmark films “Men In Black” that the aliens are in fact here. And they are “hiding in plain sight“.

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Can you identify tweets indicating alien activity?

But did you know that the United States is currently being invaded by a specific group of aliens who are taking over our country?

That’s right. And #ownyourabsurdity has “cracked the code” on these aliens. And we can provide you the key to understanding who these aliens are, how they plan to take control, and, most importantly, how to identify them.

Who are these aliens?

Alien leader.
OK, so we still don’t know exactly who these aliens are. But we have determined who their leader is .. we are not sure of its name, but we know it is masterfully taken over the body of Stephen Miller.

Where did the alien inside of Stephen Miller come from?

Stephen Miller’s origin.
We believe that the alien originally came on a meteor that landed near Santa Monica, California, in the mid 1980s. The alien was separated into millions of special amino acids. Once the meteor settled, those amino acids coalesced into a worm like creature that made its way onto food, which was then consumed by the unsuspecting future mother of Stephen Miller. That worm inserted itself into the embryo which then became Stephen Miller.

Even though Stephen Miller has the shape of a human, the original worm which landed on that meteor is actually firmly entrenched in his brain, and is actually in control.

How do they plan to take control?

Hate and Faith .. how to take over humanity.
These aliens didn’t need to come with a large army. They had done their homework and had already found a secret weapon: find people who can easily be manipulated through HATE and FAITH.

The aliens’ voice of hate.
HATE: The aliens already had been monitoring Fox News and pundits like Sean Hannity, and knew how easily people could be influenced and controlled by his special version of hate: lies, deception, stoking rage, and so many other wonderful skills. The aliens had long marveled how the masses spent their hard earned money on wonderful, high end TVs, only to let them become tools for Fox News. “Golly”, the aliens thought, “and to think we were going to rely on mind melds”.

How to control through faith.
FAITH: The aliens were also amazed at how easily people could be controlled through “faith” – not the real faith built on deep, spiritual beliefs, but the superficial faith inspired by charlatans like Robert Jeffress. Check out more details in our blog.

Aliens in control.
With aliens now landed, and with their plan to use Faith and Hate to take over the world, they were ready to begin. Spreading their message through Fox News and mega churches, the aliens were enslaving people in droves, turning into lemurs who would follow them anywhere.

But what are the aliens’ goals? While we don’t know for sure, we can make some deductions based on their actions so far:

It was aliens who got him elected.
First, in America they elected a sociopath as president, which means the aliens want to undermine effective leadership and governance.

Second, that sociopath and his followers have turned their backs on the environmental crisis facing the world, so we have to assume the aliens hope to turn the world into their personal garbage bin.

How do you identify an alien?

We know Stephen Miller could not do all the work by himself. He had to take control of some people and turn them into deputies. We don’t know exactly who these people are, but have some ideas:

Pompeo – thinks he is following God’s will. But it is the aliens who are in control.
Bill Barr – his glasses are actually an antenna.

Stay tuned for informative updates about alien activity.