Advertise Here!!!

Hashtags are best use of this valuable space.
Let’s face it, there are few better places to advertise than Mike Pence’s forehead. Pence looks more like a robot, which a smooth, almost synthetic material that is perfectly suited for advertising. Sure, currently it doesn’t advertise anything, but that is because everyone knows it is reserved for “#MAGA”.

But eventually Pence will no longer be VP, and then, assuming he is not in jail, his forehead will be one of the most prized pieces of advertising real estate in America.

Think about it .. liberals tend to question and over analyze everything. So they are a lousy audience to advertise to. Conservatives, however, especially those who continue to love Trump, are eager to embrace (that is, purchase) whatever Pence is hawking.

Advertising fees are cheap relative the the value and are based on how long your advertised is displayed. Here is an example of a cost model we are developing:

#smokecamels .. a great way to reach kids.
  • 1 minute: $200.
  • 1 hour: $4000.
  • 1 day: $200,000.
  • You get the idea.
#eatatjoes .. Yes, even your business can advertise.
And advertising is not limited to the big wigs. Say you know that Pence plans to visit your part of the country. Then make sure your business is advertised during his visit. What better way to encourage fellow conservatives into your place of business than for the name of your company to flash on Pence’s forehead as he goes about his business. You may not feel comfortable standing up in church and yelling “Hey .. buy your guns at my store!!!”. But there should be no issues when this is displayed on Pence’s forehead when he it at your church talking up the evils of “secular humanism” and “evils of liberalism”.

How can you trust that Pence will allow his forehead to be used for advertising? Remember, this is the same guy who never questioned Trump’s conviction that he lost the popular vote because of 3 million illegal votes. So we already know he is a sellout.

So keep your eyes pealed on how you too can advertise on Pence’s forehead. #ownyourabsurdity.