Learn To Love Trump.

The reason why North Korea is better than America is that North Koreans love their leader and their leader loves his people.

America suffers because it is lacking such love. While you can’t speak for other Americans, you can show your love for Trump by embracing the ways that North Koreans show their love for their leader, Kim Jong un (KJU). Check out these ideas:

Change your birthday to Trump’s (June 14).

North Koreans love KJU so much they only celebrate his birthday.

The deep state may require you remember your birthday, but you don’t have to celebrate it. Demonstrate a “North Korean” love for Trump.

Change to a grass based diet.

North Koreans love KJU so much they gladly eat grass when other food is scarce.

If North Koreans have to sometimes resort to eating grass, and North Koreans love their leader, then you can show your love for Trump be eating grass.

Nothing says “love” like a parade.

North Koreans show their love for KJU by parading.

Protesting is not showing love. Parading is. So show your love for Trump by parading: join a parade, or just be a one person parade.

Start a child labor camp.

Child labor camps are not bad. They are good. Children coming out of these camps love their leader, which proves they are good.

The reason US children don’t embrace Trump the way North Korean children embrace KJU is because American children are lazy. Start a camp to change that. (Granted, the concentration like camps at the border are a start, but they have a long way to go in teaching kids to love Trump.)

Only get state regulated haircuts.

North Koreans love their leader so much they want to look like him. It isn’t for nothing that “The Onion” named KJU “the sexiest man alive” in 2012.

How can Americans be expected to love Trump if they don’t emulate how he looks. Isn’t it time to change that?

Raise Piranhas.

Nothing says love like obedience. And occasionally that obedience must be reinforced by an execution. And what better way to drive home the point than an execution by piranhas.

America has not evolved to the point where our leader can instill obedience through arbitrary executions. But we hope the day will come. And when it does, you can be ready to help by providing piranhas.