Shopping Carts 2020

Don’t let homelessness question your loyalty.
Has the negative economic impact of the Coronavirus resulted in you being evicted? Not to worry. Unlike “do nothing Democrats” and “left wing radical liberals”, you are not homeless. As a loyal Trump supporter, you are a FREE RANGE PATRIOT!!!

And as a free range patriot, you deserve the best equipment as you roam the streets with your worldly possessions. So make sure you purchase a Trump approved shopping cart!!

Our wide variety of SHOPPING CARTS will make the transition from your house to the street a proud and dignified experience. Your shopping cart will announce to others “I am not like you!!. I am a Trump supporter!!!”

Don’t settle with any old shopping cart. Only the best will do.

Just check out the above Trump supporter who recently became a “free range patriot”. Notice the proper placement of the American flag and the effective use of plastic tubs to keep his precious items secure.

Check out the FULL LINE of shopping cart options that will clearly distinguish you as a loyal supporter of Trump not just another stupid “homeless person”.