Roger Wiliams

Lie Like You Mean It!!!

Art Of The Lie
Get rich through lying.
If you want to master The Art Of The Lie, there are few better mentors than US Congressman Roger Williams (TX 25th Congressional District).

Watch and learn from Roger Williams’ great lying skills by reading his response to a letter about the GOP replacement for Obamacare. We all know the background: Obamacare had serious issues. But during the 5 years since it became law, the GOP made no effort to make it viable. Instead the focus was on its repeal.

Then when the GOP won the house, senate, and the white house, it was unable to repeal Obamacare because of the popularity of Obamacare and the inability of the GOP to propose anything that even came close to being as good.

Roger Wiliams
Learn effective lying tips from the master.
But Roger Williams does not mention any of this. Instead he focuses on the problems with Obamacare, but ignores the potential “fixes”. And this is the essence of truly effective lying – subterfuge – pretending you care about the real issue as a means to detract from the real issue. If you really cared, you would talk about solutions. But, hey, we’re learning the art of the lie, not the art of effective governance.

So follow along as we learn lying skills from the master.

See complete letter here.


Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding repealing Obamacare. While I know we might not always agree, I appreciate you taking the time to reach out.

For many years, I have been extremely concerned with the problems facing our healthcare system. Art Of The Lie trick: always express concern for the problem, never concern to fix it. Under Obamacare, Americans have been forced to buy insurance they don’t like, don’t need, and cannot afford. Obamacare is hurting more people than it is helping. Simply stated, putting the federal government at the center of our health care system has harmed patients, families, providers, and businesses. As with many federal regulations, Obamacare’s one-size-fits all approach has failed to deliver innovative, market-based solutions. Art Of The Lie trick: never mention your contribution to the failure of a policy you don’t support.

Under Obamacare, premiums have increased by an average of 25 percent, nearly 1/3 of all U.S. counties have only one insurer offering plans on their states exchange, and 34 percent fewer doctors and other health care providers accept Obamacare insurance compared to private insurance. While the previous administration promised increased access to care, more choice, and affordable plans, the facts speak for themselves. Art Of The Lie trick: Data is a great way to show failure of a policy as long as it is not used to measure your contribution to that failure.

While Speaker Ryan’s healthcare bill failed to reach the House floor for a vote, I remain committed to repealing this disastrous law. I will continue to honor this promise and provide relief for hardworking American families who have been stuck with costlier insurance and fewer choices under Obamacare. Art Of The Lie trick: Never worry if the details of what you deliver don’t match the promise, let alone are worse than what you are replacing. Art Of The Lie trick: Never worry if the details of what you deliver don’t match the promise, let alone are worse than what you are replacing.

Again, thank you for contacting me on this important issue. As your Congressman, I’ve fought for lower taxes, less government, and less spending. Please be sure to sign up for my email newsletter ( to keep informed on what I am doing on behalf of Texans here in Washington. It is an honor and privilege to represent the people of Texas’ 25th Congressional District.