Who should be lied to.

Intelligent, caring, responsible people are the best people to lie to. Remember back during the Reagan era when liars came up the lie about “secular humanism”? It was a great lie!!! Don’t get me wrong – there are people and organizations who call themselves “secular humanists”. But the well financed right wing “religious conservatives” used it as a label to malign good, responsible citizens concerned about effective governance while ensuring separation of church and state. By calling them “secular humanists”, they created a great lie that “secular humanism” was a non-Christian faith being forced on good Christians. Yeah, it was a bunch of bunk, but man what a fun and effective way to screw over civil society for the benefit of a small group of political operatives. Let’s face it, many of those labeled “secular humanists” were actually good, practicing Christians themselves. But who cares? This is not about supporting them, it is about using a great lie to force and agenda that, in any other circumstances, would be considered revolting. Those right wing “religious conservatives” were (and are) great liars. I love good liars and good liars love me.

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