Lying is fun!!!

Art Of The Lie
The Art Of The Lie. Order your copy today!!!

Lying is fun!!! As a “successful businessman”, Trump knows from experience that working hard is for suckers. Let those who believe that hard work is the key to success be the ones who work hard.

For Trump, those who are really successful know that the key to success is to leach off of those suckers who think that working hard is the key to success. And the best way to leach off of them? Lie to them.

This is why lying is so fun. Lying all the time is like being drunk all the time. You drop the shackles of ethics and morality and just lie your ass off while you rake in the dough.

And lying is even more fun when the people who buy into your lie don’t know you are lying.

But as many know, when lying doesn’t work it can stop being fun and put you in a situation where you do have to work and don’t get rich. So I’m going to show you the tricks to good lying so that it will be fun and profitable.

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