Lying as a weapon.

Ted Cruz loves lying more than sex.
Ted Cruz enjoys lying more than masturbating, and way more than sex.

A good lie is a great weapon!! It is like throwing a stink bomb into a crowd. While the crowd struggles to figure out what happened and how to respond, you’re off throwing another stink bomb. A really good lie creates its own stink bombs .. galvanizing supporters who stand around and laugh at those who are bombed knowing that the victims of the lie will be too discombobulated to effectively respond to your lie.

Lies make great weapons because they give power to rage over reason. Consider Ted Cruz’s baseless attacks against Planned Parenthood. They were great!!! Ted Cruz, a darling of the Tea Party, found just the right stink bomb to create chaos among sensible and rational Americans while stroking the genitalia of Tea Party patriots desperate for something to get angry about. Ted Cruz may not vote for Trump, but man does he serve as a great role model for how to use a good lie as a great weapon. Go Ted!!

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