Trump cart.

Trumpcare Options!!!

Trump supporters know Trump can deliver.

We didn’t elect Trump to diddle dally.

Americans who voted for Trump expect results. “Make America Great Again” does not mean watching legislation get tangled up in partisan bickering about silly details. It means making changes NOW!!!

So let’s take a look at 4 meaningful options that Trump supporters should have immediate access to:

Affordable means cheap, simple as that.

Option 1: Truly affordable health insurance!!! That’s right .. for healthcare to be accessible to everyone, it needs to be affordable for everyone. Liberals and deep state bureaucrats make this much harder than it needs to be. Why wait for eggheads to come up with complicated solutions .. with lots of words that you may not even understand. The answer to affordable health insurance is CHEAP health insurance. And that is exactly what we have to offer. The plan is as simple as it is affordable: for a mere $100 a month, if you get sick or injured, we’ll send you the address of the nearest emergency room. So don’t wait .. get the peace of mind knowing that you are covered. Full details here.

Crowded emergency room
Enjoy the emergency room in comfort!!!
Option 2: Enjoy the emergency room in style!!! Some people dread the emergency room. They don’t know when they will be seen, what the costs will be, and, worst of all, dread the uncomfortable chairs. Let’s face it, lack of comfortable waiting rooms IS the biggest hassle of emergency rooms. Improve the comfort, and everything else is easier to deal with. So check out the wide variety of our emergency room comfort options. These chairs, cots, and tents are designed to maximize your comfort according to the injury/illness you have and corresponding estimated wait time. And all the while showing your support for Trump!!! Heck, with our devices, you may never want to leave the emergency room. More info here.

Ron Johnson has great ideas for market driven solutions.
Option 3: Ron Johnson Care!!! Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has hit the nail on the head as to why market driven healthcare is so much better than subsidized healthcare. In his criticism of Obamacare and efforts to repeal and replace it, Johnson suggests market driven models like those used in eye laser surgery. Laser surgery is thriving .. with better technology and lower costs .. with very little involvement by insurance companies or the government. The same should apply to other types of medical procedures. Are you having a heart attack? Don’t go running to the emergency room where prices are unknown (and likely very high). Take your time .. study your options and carefully think about your treatment plans .. just as though you are planning eye laser surgery. More details here.

Simple and affordable (if you can afford it).
Option 4: Trump supplemental health plans. A Trump supplemental health plan can really eliminate the stress and uncertainty that comes with not knowing you are are covered in the event of illness or a medical emergency. So don’t wait to sign up for this great plan. The plan is simple: for 1 million dollars you will get $900,000 to use however you want to cover medical expenses. That’s it. So if you nave a million dollars lying around, don’t wait. Sign up today. More details here.

So let’s all do our part to Make America Great Again!!!