Trump Supplemental Health Plans

Hate Obamacare? The worst thing about it is that it requires minimal coverage in the event of a variety of ailments and injuries. But why should you have coverage for, say, an appendectomy, when your fortune tellers says you will never need one?

Trump will make healthcare more accessible and affordable by allowing you to buy what YOU think you need, and not what some group of doctors, hospitals, and actuaries think you should have. If you know all your family will suffer is scrapes and bruises, then Trump will make sure that a policy which only covers scrapes and bruises is available.

But in the off chance you think you need more coverage and don’t want to mess with insurance, the Trump administration will offer supplemental health plans. These plans are simple. Starting at only one million dollars, the Trump administration will charge only a 10% administrative fee (far less than insurance companies), with the rest available to cover health related incidents.

Trump supplemental health plan

Example fee chart

You pay * administrative charge Benefit
$1 million $100,000 $900,000
$2 million $200,000 $1,800,000
$3 million $300,000 $2,700,000

* Any amount less than one million will be treated as a life insurance policy for 80% of the amount paid.

So don’t mess with complicated health insurance.   Just put down your million (or more) and have the confidence that you can afford whatever comes your way.

Can’t afford a million? Then consider yourself dead.