Crowded emergency room

AHCA: Wait In Comfort.

Ryan introduces the American Health Care Act.
With the American Health Care Act, Trump will deliver on his promise to guarantee affordable health care to all Americans. The only caveat is the 24 million who won’t be covered.

If you are one of the 24 million Trump promised would be covered without coverage, you are likely to use the emergency room to meet your primary health care needs.

With 24 million joining you, it is likely that emergency waiting rooms will be a little crowded. But not to worry .. we have you covered with a full line of comfortable chairs, couches and outdoor tents that will make your wait pleasant and enjoyable.

Basic char for a 4-8 hour wait. $800. And just the right color.
4-8 hour waits:
You’ll want to equip yourself with our full line so that you can be ready for any wait time. If you are at the emergency room for a leg broken in at least 3 places, a cracked skull, or trouble breathing, then your wait time will likely be only a short 4-8 hours. For this our covered chair is perfect. Notice the distinct red so everyone will know that you are a Trump supporter and, therefore, are “extra special”.

Napping chair, $1000 .
8-20 hour waits:
If you go the emergency room for chest pains, continuous vomiting, or uncontrollable diarrhea, then make yourself comfortable on your 8-20 hour wait with a napping chair. It is a great chair to lay out in front of all those people stuck in regular waiting room chairs. Just imagine, put on your earphones and lay back in your comfortable napping chair while everyone else looks on enviously. They will know that you support Trump and deserve the extra comfort.

$1500-$35,000 – depending on whether you need the truck.
20-48 hour waits:
If your problems are migraines, twisted ankles, or abdominal pain, then make yourself comfortable for your 20-48 hour wait with a tent on the back of a pickup. Enjoy the comfort of your own home away from home as you relax while everyone else scurries around. And if your medical bills force you into foreclosure, your pickup tent can simply become your new house!!!

Always show your support.
So don’t let the fact that you don’t have medical coverage scare you. If you commit yourself to helping to “Make America Great Again”, you will learn to enjoy the emergency wait room in comfort and style.