Make “Low I.Q.” Work For You!!!

Use “Low I.Q.” to show you’re in charge!!!

Follow Trump’s lead!!!!
Your life has been unnecessarily hard. For years you’ve been wasting your time trying to earn, not demand, the respect of others.

You can go far by just “being like Trump”.
Lucky for you, those days are no more. Just by following the example of Trump, you’ll find your life is now EASY!!! Just label others as “Low I.Q”, or “crazy” or “psycho”, and then watch them quickly disappear into a corner where they shudder from shame.

So lets take a look at how you can start incorporating Trump as a role model in your life:

Let’s say the cops have pulled you over repeatedly for driving 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. Each time you came up with excuses – like being late to your kid’s baseball game, or being the ref of said game and being late, or you are late picking up your kid to get him to said game, or some such thing.

Ever consider “Learn to be a Real Conservative”?
But why should you be put in the position of having to cough up an excuse each time you are busted? You already know you are breaking the law. And you know the dangers posed when you drive twice the speed limit. And, most importantly, you have yet to kill a kid or anyone else, so what is the big frickin’ deal????

This is where you pull your “Low I.Q.” card. While you wait for the office to finish writing the ticket, call your sister and explain in earshot of the police office that “this Low I.Q. cop thinks that I didn’t know I was speeding and that my speeding was dangerous. And now the crazy psycho is writing a ticket.”

Yeah .. the “Low I.Q.” person is on the left. You’re the real man on the right.
Then watch the cop put down is pen, slump by the side of his car, and start crying. Because of how you used “Low I.Q.”, you really put him in his place. After a couple of minutes he will probably stand up and try to say something profound, like “listen, I realize now that you knew exactly what you were doing and that what you were doing was illegal. I should only go after people who don’t know what they are doing. Sorry to bother you.”

See!!! By being like Trump and standing up to the cop, you got him off your back and probably will make life easier for many others who think like you.

So just remember the motto: “Low I.Q. – make it work for you!!!”.