Learn Russian Now – For The Sake Of MAGA!!!

Vladir Putin .. the man Trump will depend on to Make America Great!!!
When Trump becomes president, his role model will be the iron fist master himself: Vladimir Putin.  At #ownyourabsurdity, we believe a great way to show your commitment to Trump and your patriotism to America will be to learn a few words of Russian!!!

A few words of Russian can help “grease the skids” when state security forces confront you about your American flag hanging at not quite the right angle, or when you show sympathy for the enemies of the state.

Here are a few samples to whet your whistle:

Товарищ – “Tovarishch” – friend/comrad.   After the “fall of the Soviet Union” the word went out of style.   But it is back.  And it will be a good one to know – it is like a “secret handshake” for like minded Trump supporters.

Отлите на моё лицо – “Otlite na mayo litso” – Pee on my face. This would not be considered a common, let a lone decent or sensible Russian request, or request in any language. However, as Trump appears to have made the request of some Russian ladies, it should definitely be added for anyone who wants to truly emulate Trump.

Не стрелайте – я знаю секреты!! – “Ne strelaete, ya znayu secrety” – Don’t shoot, I know secrets.   A favorite of foreign spies caught on Soviet soil, it will come in handy if you are ever confronted by Trump supporters who question your values.  Remember, the hallmark of a Trump presidency will be to shoot first, ask questions later.   So save yourself by knowing what to say when the time comes.   You may not think you know secrets, but you can always come up with something, like ratting on your neighbors for expressing anti-Trump views.   Not only will you save yourself, but you might find a nice house next door that you can pick up for pennies on the dollar.