Insure your liberty!!!

Liberty Insurance.

Protect your liberty with our affordable insurance plans.

Insure your liberty!!!
Your liberty is too valuable not to insure.
You insure those things important to you: your car, your home, your life, even your health. Why not your liberty?

That crying baby in the next booth can damage your right to a quiet meal.
Our forefathers fought for our liberty. It is the cornerstone of our constitution. We always talk about it being under threat. Yet we don’t value it enough to insure it.

Don’t be fooled. Liberty means different things to different people. And just when you think your liberty is secure and intact, you find someone else has damaged or destroyed if for the sake of their liberty.

So what do you do? Protect your liberty with one of our “Liberty Protection Plans”. Imagine feeling confident and secure knowing that your liberty is protected at all times .. from the small stuff, like when a loud baby in the next booth is interrupting your quiet dinner, to when your investment in a pipeline is threatened by pesky environmentalists.

Stephen Miller
We’ll apply the precision thinking of Stephen Miller when developing your policy.
We will work with you to develop the policy that best suits you:

  1. We will document* what liberty means to you in all aspects of your life: what you eat, where you work, the job you do, the people you hang out with, the guns you have, the guns you use, the guns used against you, the person(s) you go to bed with, the person(s) you prefer to go to bed with. You name it, we’ll document it.
  2. Next we’ll develop the policy** based on what you tell us. Typical policies are between 1000 and 5000 pages. Remember, the more detailed the documentation, the better the policy.
  3. Once you purchase*** your policy, be ready to enjoy life with confidence. If at any time you feel your liberty is threatened or harmed, just call our toll free number and we’ll dispatch one of our agents to assess the situation and damage. If you are covered, we will cut you a check on the spot.

So don’t wait. Threats to your liberty won’t.

* – Our documentation fees are a reasonable $30 / hour. Expect documentation to take about 40 hours over a 2 month period. Group discounts available, such as if your bible study group wants to participate.
** – Remember your policy is designed for you and you only. You can show it to others, but they cannot simply “adopt” your policy. Policies can only be generated for those whose liberty has been documented.
*** – Given the importance of your liberty, our policies are competitively priced. On average they cost $100 / page / month.