Who wants to stand behind a lie.

Art Of The Lie
The Art Of The Lie. Order your copy today!!!

Who wants to stand behind a lie? The best audience and strongest supporters are those who buy into your lies. The best lies are the ones people want to hear. This is why Trump’s lies about NAFTA are so great. No sensible person really believes that rolling back NAFTA will bring back jobs. Through improved efficiencies and globalization, those jobs were on their way out long before NAFTA. What NAFTA did was lessen the hardships of global economic changes. But who wants to hear that? These people are mad because the jobs their parents and grandparents had (and hated) are not there for them to have (and hate). The reality is that great products and services are now more affordable through NAFTA. And, lets face it, we can structure things so that people can have guaranteed income without working .. and still do great things for America and all Americans. But these people don’t want to hear that!!! That message requires complex thinking, like understanding “enlightened self interest”. So give them a lie they want to hear: NAFTA killed their jobs and is the cause of their misery.

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