New Year – New Hat!!!

Let’s keep the Trump party alive with a New Hat!!!

So 2017.
You started 2017 with a great MAGA hat. You supported Trump because he is a great leader who knows how to dupe large swaths of Americans into voting for him while voting against their own interests.

And Trump has been tremendously successful!!!

  • Healthcare reform: he promised everyone would get affordable healthcare that they would love, until he found out that reforming healthcare was “hard”. Now Healthcare for millions of Americans is in jeopardy. Go Trump!!!
  • Honor thy Trump
    Don’t let reality undermine your faith in Trump.
  • He promised to eliminate “job killing NAFTA” then found out that NAFTA actually does a lot of good and killing it would severely harm the economy. Go Trump!!!
  • He promised tax reform that would reduce everyone’s taxes then delivered reform that appears to only benefit the rich. Go Trump!!!
  • He promised to impose trade embargoes to bring back manufacturing jobs then realized that most manufacturing jobs were destroyed by automation, not trade. Go Trump!!!
  • Rural areas that heavily supported Trump but are heavily dependent on government support are seeing government programs cut with no prospects of new jobs. Go Trump!!!
  • Trump championed slogans like “Crooked Hilary” and “Lock her up”, yet it is his administration that is being investigated. Go Trump!!!
  • And there is so much more….
Show you are on board with Trump with your own “Sucker!!!” hat.
So let’s help Trump do his magic in 2018!!!

With your own “Sucker!!!” hat you can show your place in Trump’s world. With a “Sucker!!!” hat you’ll feel so much better when you wealth dwindles and you go on (harder to obtain) food stamps.

You can stand proud while you watch the super rich get even richer, and worse, Clinton supporters have greater access to the very wealth that Trump promised to you.

Show that you are OK and comfortable with living an a world of absurdity that you helped Trump create.

Details coming soon on how to order your own hat!!!