Trust In Trump .. 2019

Cruz can show his loyalty.
America is at a crossroads. Trump is determined to “build a wall” to “Keep America Safe”.

But congress won’t fully fund it because a wall the wrong solution to the problem that needs to be fixed.

And “liberals”, along with “policy makers” and anyone familiar with the immigration problem in the US agrees.

But real patriots, like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Ann Coulter, know that building the wall is the right thing to do: it is a simpleton idea that they can use to stoke rage and makes lots of money. And because it is the right thing for them, it is the right thing for America. And Trump is committed to doing the right thing for America.

Easy decision!!!
Leaders, like senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, have a decision to make. Do they perform their duties under the constitution, or do they TRUST IN TRUMP???

Honor thy Trump
Don’t ask, just have faith.
They TRUST IN TRUMP, of course. And what better way to show your Trust in Trump than with a Trust In Trump (TIT) sticker, hat, t-shirt, or one of several other items sold by #ownyourabsurdity.

What TIT can deliver.
When senators TIT, they make life easier for themselves and help Trump achieve Putin’s goal of making America a Russian satellite state.

So be ready to show your TIT!!!