Party Services!!!

Make Birthday Parties count!!!

Birthday parties might be fun, but unless they are used to teach how to hate, they will be of no practical purpose.

Remember the great birthday parties you were invited to when you were a kid? There was the cake, the gifts, the hats, and the games.

But Birthday Parties can and should be so much more. They are a great place to introduce your kids to successful people so they too can learn to be successful.

And what better way to accomplish this than by hiring a pro to host your children’s next party.

So #ownyourabsurdity is assembling a great collection of hosts to help make your next party a huge success. Check these out.

Host Name
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Alex Jones

Alex Jones

There are few better teachers of RAGE than Alex Jones. Your kids will come away with the skills of a sociopath, and may even become sociopaths.Some people think that Alex Jones is a spoiled, selfish jerk who made a lot of money pandering to other spoiled, selfish jerks.

John Bolton

John Bolton will teach your kids how to turn any game into a chance to be cruel and brutal. Some parents think that John Bolton is just a thug and might be a dangerous influence.

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham will teach your kids how to be "Christian" without the hassle of behaving like Christians.Children who participate in programs such as "Pray away the gay" have been known to attempt suicide.