John Bolton Party Services!!!

Hate has never been more fun!!! Let John Bolton teach you and your kids the joy of hate by inviting him to host your kids’ next Birthday Party!!!

Are you tired of the same old boring birthday parties with a clown, some balloons, and a cake?

Then spice things up by inviting John Bolton.

Your kids and their friends will never forget the fun and excitement of a birthday party hosted by “The Man With The Mustache”.

Here are just a couple of great games John will introduce and what your kids will learn from them:

There is no better way to humiliate your wife then John Bolton yelling “Regime Change”.
The Regime Change game!!! Nothing says power like a call for regime change. And who better to teach this than the “regime change” master himself. Imagine your wife busting her butt trying to coral the kids to sit around the table. Right at the moment that she is complete flustered, Bolton yells “Regime Change”, and all the kids throw pieces of cake, plastic forks, cups full of juice, and whatever else they can get their hands on at your wife and then start laughing and mocking her. And as she stands there crying, with her clothes messed up, Bolton can tell the kids “see .. this is what happens when governments get too big. She should be ashamed and you should be proud.”

Let John Bolton teach you how to completely humiliate a child!!!
The humiliation game!!! Ever tell a child over and over that he or she is doing something wrong without every explaining the right way to do something? Notice that if you do it long enough, the kid becomes humiliated, unable to function in a healthy manner, and may even end up with PTSD. Destroying the health and well being of children is John Bolton’s specialty. Just look at his foreign policy: make demands on other countries until they negotiate, and when the do, cancel the negotiations and just make more demands. Wow .. think of how well that goes over when working with kids.

So keep your eyes peeled for details about how you can hire John Bolton for your children’s next “big event”!!!