How Does Hate Benefit You?

Lamar Smith
Want to see a great hater in action? Follow Lamar Smith.
The great benefit of successful hating is that you can accomplish a lot with little effort. Compare a well known hater, TX Representative Lamar Smith, to all the scientists studying global warming. Science is hard. It requires highly educated scientists conducting careful scientific research and drawing honest conclusions. Lamar Smith doesn’t have to deal with any of this. All he has to do is doubt the scientists and assume they have a malevolent agenda. This is why hate is so effective. A hater makes his own reality and assigns malicious intentions to others for his own benefit.

Lamar Smith goes even further, using his subpoena power as a weapon to intimidate and threat scientists.

Finally, Lamar mastered the art of nurturing and manipulating rage for his own benefit. Think about it: you have a lousy job, you can barely afford your mortgage, you’re wife is screaming at you and the kids are miserable. What a better panacea for your miseries than Lamar Smith telling you that you have every right being pissed: scientists are out to take away your livelihood and freedoms by claiming global warming is real.

Wow .. now there is hate at its best.

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