Master Pro Life Rage.

Dan Patrick hate pimp
Help Dan Patrick PROVE he is Pro Life!!!
The issues of pregnancy, health, and women’s rights is complex, emotional, and very, very personal. But so what? You don’t care about any of that, you care about stoking rage.

“Pro Life” – a “legitimate” way to brutalize women.
As a leader in the Pro Life movement, you are in the great position to stoke rage. This is because “Pro Life” has been transformed into a the perfect weapon for brutalizing women .. for the simple reason that anyone who does not support abortion can still be labeled as a “baby killer” if they also don’t like the idea of the government restricting abortions.

What fun!!!

The best starting point to earn a certificate in Pro Life Rage is to study the tweets of the pros. Can you identify the from these tweets how leaders in the pro life movement stoke rage for their own advantage? If you can, then you too can develop the skills to use “Pro Life” as away to stoke rage.