Emphysema is overrated.

Sure, pollution causes emphysema. And controlling pollution can reduce the rate of emphysema. But at what cost? When we implement liberal environmental rules we risk killing jobs. And the risk of killing jobs is far worse than the reality of killing people.

Support Scott Pruitt .. quit worrying about emphysema!!!
That’s why EPA Director Scott Pruitt will be launching a campaign to help you live with, if not celebrate, emphysema.

As part of MAGA, expect to see a line of fun and interesting products that will show your support of Trump while you laugh in the face of pollution.

Here are a couple already in the works:

Let everyone know you support MAGA.
First are MAGA dust masks. These masks will show your support of MAGA, Trump, and everything that is right with the new regime. What better way to stand up for Trump and the economic gains we will get by tearing down EPA obstacles like “The Clean Air Act”. At only $4 per mask, or $40 for a box of 11, there really is no reason not to order yours today.

What better way to show your love of MAGA.
Want to prove to your friends, family, and church that you are not a cheap bastard who can only afford dust masks? Than consider a MAGA portable oxygen kit. That’s right. With one of these babies at your side, no one will question your support of Trump and MAGA, let alone your passion to help America by fighting “liberal” notions of clean air.

So be on the lookout for these great products!!

And check out these other great ideas:

MAGA Real Estate .. find your dream home on an EPA Super Fund site.
Build your own ark!!!
Global Warming Tools – be prepared to wait out the flood in Trump style.