Learn how the radical left minimizes the significance of 104 cases.
A valuable skill for those who excel in the “Art Of Hate” is effective math. The radical left, liberal elites, and other “enemies” have known this for a long time. They frequently use words like “statistically insignificant” when summarizing trends that are, in fact, critical to the health and well being of our Democracy.

A great example comes from Texas, where the incidents of voter fraud had been dismissed as “insignificant” by the liberal media. Don’t be fooled. If you want to develop a successful career in hate, learn how to turn this against the liberals. Consider this: between 2000 and 2011 there were 104 cases of alleged voter fraud in Texas.

104!!! You probably don’t have 104 dollars in your pocket right now. You probably couldn’t fit 104 people in your kitchen at one time. And there is no highway in Texas were you are allowed to drive 104 miles per hour. So 104 is a BIG NUMBER. In other words, 104 is evidence of “RAMPANT voter fraud”.

So why does the radical left consider 104 cases of alleged voter fraud “insignificant”? because it is 104 out of 38 million votes cast.

Crystal Mason.
If you are concerned that the radical left might have a point that 104 out of 38 million is not significant, then take a look at the individual cases. Consider the case of Crystal Mason. She was encouraged to cast a ballot even though she was on parole for federal offense and, unbeknownst to her, legally not allowed to vote. The ballot was provisional and eventually thrown out. However, as masters of the art of hate, this did not stop prosecutors in Texas from charging her with voter fraud. She claimed that her vote was a mistake … that she did not realize that she was not allowed to vote. But prosecutors wisely convinced the judge otherwise. As a master of the art of hate, you too will want to make sure that every single case of voter fraud is used to your advantage.

As master in the Art of Hate, the only insignificant rate of voter fraud is ZERO!!!

If you are going to be successful in the “Art Of Hate”, remember this: if the left is not 100% right, it is 100% wrong!!! If only 97% of environmental scientists believe human induced global warming is real, then human induced global warming is a HOAX!!! If 80% of Americans support gun control, then no one supports gun control. And 104 incidents of alleged voter fraud out of 38 million votes cast is clearly evidence of rampant voter fraud.

So as you develop your skills in the “Art Of Hate”, make sure to follow the example of Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and the many others who have already mastered how to use hate to their advantage!!!