Moral Compasses!!!

Alex Jones
Want him around your kids?
Alex Jones has been seriously beaten up by social media outlets for the simple reason that he is an opportunistic scumbag.

Don’t let what happened to Alex Jones happen to you. Buy a Moral Compass from #ownyourabsurdity.

Our moral compasses are specially designed to help you evaluate thoughts before they come out of your mouth. We use simple logic like:

  • Would you say it in front of your mother?
  • Has your father claimed that you are a sociopath who should be ignored?
  • Are you trying to get laid by flaunting your proverbial privates?
  • Do you think civility is for the birds as long as you are raking in the dough?

A moral compass from #ownyourabsurdity will help you argue your point without coming off as a total scumbag. More over, if all you are is a total scumbag, then a moral compass will help you realize that no one cares what you say.

Stay tuned on how to order yours.