Square Circle

Your Own Square Circle!!!

Get your own Square Circle – The perfect “must have” for a “Post-truth” age.

Mike Pence
Mike Pence has little time for “logic”.
Are you tired of “logic” ruining America? “Logic” is the tool liberals use to create major headaches for regular Americans. They start with simpleton ideas, such as “a square circle is a logical impossibility”, and next thing you know they are applying logic in the form of the scientific method to basic observations and drawing ridiculous conclusions, such as global warming is real and a threat to our health, well being, and a civilized society.

You can now prove them wrong with your own Square Circle*. With your own square circle you can call into question the most basic assumptions of western philosophy, medicine and science. You can then legitimately question draconian liberal theories about such things as global warming, evolution, and vaccinations.

Square Circle
Put logic in its place and prove liberals and scientists wrong with your own Square Circle. Get yours for only $40. Bulk orders available.

Say your kid is “flunking” high school chemistry and the teacher wants him to “do better”. Hell with that. Just confront the teacher with a square circle to prove that the very foundation of chemistry is wrong. You can then tell the school that it has no business “indoctrinating” your kid with despicable liberal ideas.

Take your square circle to protests about global warming and watch as protestors grovel and fall to the ground when they are confronted with the reality that a square circle can indeed exist.

Square circles come in specially packaged boxes. You can get yours for only $40. Bulk discounts are available. Better yet, for a small additional fee you can have your square circle embossed with your name or names of friends, family, church members, coworkers, any you know and love who wants to stick it to liberals and science.

* Your square circle is a perfectly balanced geometric form that can only exist in a closed box. If you open the box, the form evaporates. No refunds for opened boxes.