Uterus For Dan!!!!

Help Dan Patrick PROVE He Is Pro Life!!!

Is he REALLY pro life?
In Texas few politicians are more “pro life” than Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. But is he really committed to “pro life” or is that just a convenient way to rally “conservative” votes and money? Dan Patrick will never experience the anxiety and fear of a young, pregnant woman abandoned by her family and friends. He will never have to worry about the risk to his and his baby’s health during childbirth. He won’t have to worry about access to prenatal care. In short, being “pro life” is very easy for Dan Patrick, and all men who are free to ignore the realities of pregnancy. When “pro life” really just means “pro birth”, then it is easy to question whether you are truly committed to life or just playing politics with women’s bodies.

So help Dan Patrick demonstrate his commitment to “pro life”!!! And what better way to do this than through a uterus transplant!!! We’re raising $250,000 to help fund the process of surgically removing Dan Patrick’s “man parts” and then implanting a healthy uterus.

The concept is actually pretty simple.

Dan Patrick will finally be able to silence his critics.
While he may not have a functioning uterus, the sacrifices to go through the surgery and the pride of having his own uterus will be more than enough to silence those who previously objected to his “pro life” stance. Just think, he can proudly drop his drawers at any time and show a nice, sexy pair of woman’s panties with the Lt Governor logo prominently displayed.

So stay tuned for more details on how to contribute money and, if you have one you’re not using, a uterus.