MAGA Real Estate!!!

You deserve better.
Are you tired of living in a dump? Fed up with a majority of your hard earned paycheck from Walmart going towards rent on a trashed out property? Pissed off that while your toilet doesn’t work your bitch of a mother lives in comfort and won’t even give you cigarette money?

Then Donald Trump and MAGA are here for you!!!

President Trump did not appoint Scott Pruitt to head the EPA to enforce a bunch of “liberal policies” based on “fake science”. He appointed Scott Pruitt to transform the EPA into an organization that can help “Make America Great Again!!!”. And what better way than to provide you an opportunity to purchase YOUR OWN HOUSE AND PROPERTY on a SUPER FUND SITE!!!!

Don’t believe the “fake science” about hazardous waste. Get in on this real estate opportunity!!!
Get the house YOU deserve then tell your mom to go to hell.
Sites are everywhere. Click to see full size map.
That’s right, soon the EPA will be in the real estate business. No more wasting money on “cleanup efforts”. Instead Pruitt will be hiring building and landscape contractors to build YOUR DREAM HOUSE. Superfund Sites are everywhere. So there should be one near you.

So keep your eyes peeled for these exciting Real Estate opportunities made possible through MAGA!!!