A Clockwork Orange Presidency!!!!

And you thought politics meant compromise.

We all remember and love A Clockwork Orange, the 1971 dystopian classic in which our hero, Alex, spends his days stealing whatever he wants and banging or clobbering whomever he wants until he gets caught by a ruthless, tyrannical, and out of control government that attempts to brainwash him into becoming a responsible citizen.

It would be great if Alex were running for president. He would really know how to shake things up. And he would remove the shackles of “civility” so that the rest of us can do what we want, with whom we want, when we want. But, sadly, Alex is just a fictional character.

However, there is hope. After all, the things we like about Trump mirror what we liked about Alex:

  • He speaks his mind. No one can tell him what to say.
  • If you hit him, he hits back 10 times harder.
  • He sees himself as a role model of a strong and virile man.
  • He lies, gets away with it, lies again, gets away with it, .. repeat ..
  • Even when things go wrong for everyone else, things end up going right for him.
  • No one matters more than him. Not you, not your spouse, not your dog. It is all about him.
  • He doesn’t care about the mess he creates since he won’t be the one cleaning it up.
Alex Wannabes
Sociopath wanna-be’s would rather live through Alex. But Trump will do.
As with Alex, the great appeal of Trump is that he is a reckless and self absorbed version of everything the rest of us wish we could be. Take for example his “Make America Great Again” motto. Trump has no idea what that means. Nor do I. Nor does anyone I know. But that is what is great about it, he just says what he wants and if there is any fallout it will probably be a problem for others, not for him.

This is why it is so easy to buy into Trump’s plans to ignore water safety and global warming, or eliminate the DOE, or pull the plug on Obamacare, or joke about nuking a country. It is all about doing what you want now, with no regard for the consequences. This is why we love Trump so much.