Certificates in Rage!!!

Part of being “A Real Conservative” is to master The Art Of Rage.

Traditionally “Rage” pointed to a problem that needed to be fixed. It was, in effect, a means to an end.

No more!!! As good Trump supporters know, Rage is an end onto itself. And nurturing and stoking rage for its own sake is a worthy endeavor.

If you want to enslave others in rage, don’t read this book.
Rage is the warm blanket that comforts those incapable of living as free, responsible adults. Rage is the emotional substitute for the autocrat who tells you who to blame for your angst and frustrations. Rage is a way to promote hate without a sense of personal responsibility.

And rage is what is waiting for you to nurture and promote in others for your own wealth and power!!!

Want to be a master in the art of rage? Learn all about the Amygdala.
Whether the issue be guns, religious liberty, pro-life, or a myriad of other subjects, the goal of a “real conservative” is to find reasons for people to be pissed off. And when then harvest that rage for your own happiness, popularity, and wealth.

Are you unsure of how to harness rage for your own benefit? Then consider earning “certificates of rage” from #ownyourabsurdity.

Each certificate will be like a merit badge showing the world that you have mastered how to stoke, nurture, promote, and ultimately benefit from rage in a specific subject area. Check out these subject areas (under development):

Pro Life
Religious Liberty