Roger Wiliams

Charter Schools: Get Rich Today!!!

My daddy gave me this.
Hey Folks. Roger Williams here, your congressman in Washington from the Texas 25th district. And proud owner of a string of auto dealerships my daddy gave me.

Betsy DeVos’ appointment as Secretary of Education will ring in a new era for education in America. And I want the TX 25th to be on the front line. We will radically change education by moving away from those “liberal” institutions run by “intellectuals” in Washington and give real Americans like you greater control over the whats, wheres, and hows of education.

Abandoned buildings.
Does your community have abandoned buildings? Put them to use and start making real cash!!!
My team will show you how to convert this gem into a schoolhouse for 100 students!!!
Are you unemployed, or unhappy in your current job, or in custody for drug, child abuse, or CPS offenses? Then you might be the perfect candidate to start and run a school under my forthcoming “I Want You To Run A School!!!” program.

Hey, you deserve a piece of the good life too!!!
My team of marketing professionals who run my car dealerships will provide you all you need to establish and manage a successful school, and set you on a path to wealth. And the sky is the limit on what you can make. For every student you enroll, Texas will give you $10,000 a year. Enroll 20 students, that’s $200,000 . Enroll 100 students, that’s ONE MILLION DOLLARS. WOW!!!!

We’ll help you find the right facility and the business plan to make YOU successful. We’ll help create the right curriculum that will keep your students occupied and quiet while you enjoy the good life. And we’ll help develop “cash back” incentives for parents, so they too will receive money shelled out by the state.

And think of the job opportunities you can provide your community:

Trump supporter
Meth addicts make for the best educators. “Professional” educators need not apply.
  • State board test takers .. who can take those tests on your kids’ behalf and eliminate the burden on students and parents.
  • Work gang leaders .. who can organize the kids into work gangs to work in the field, in mines, and in sweatshops where they can get a real education.
  • Public relations .. who can confront the “fake news” about what you are doing and provide the truth.

We’re going to be looking for people with skills that are perfect for starting and running one of our schools:

  • Have you ever been the absentee owner of a group home shut down by the county? Then you have the skills to maximize the use of small spaces. Remember, more students means more money.
  • Have you ever been convicted of selling meth or cocaine? Then you have the right network of friends whose kids should go to your school.
  • Have you ever been convicted of child abuse or CPS offenses? Then you know the correct way to work with kids.
  • Are you a “professional” educator? Don’t call us. We’ll call you (not).

So get ready to jump on this lucrative bandwagon!!!