Hate And Freedom

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Don't read this book.
Don’t read this book.
Have you heard of the book “Escape From Freedom”? Whatever you do, if you treasure hate, don’t read it.

The book was written in the early 1940s by the Austrian economist Erich Fromm. The premise of the book is that people confuse living in a “free” society with being “free” themselves. Societies are “free” when they are no long under the control of a ruthless monarch or the church. But people are only free when they have the emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity to live a healthy and balanced life. When they don’t, they glob onto structures of authority. The crazy irony, as Fromm points out, is that those most vocal about “defending freedom” are the ones most likely to not have a clue about what it means to be free.

Remember, effective haters, like Ken Paxton, always have a smile on their faces.
Remember, effective haters, like Ken Paxton, always have a smile on their faces.
The book is heretical for haters. As a hater, the last thing you want is for people to develop the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual maturity to be “free”. Instead, you want them to be stuck in a cesspool of rage and anger. Your job is to give these people what the want: a justification for their rage and anger and a commitment to “stick it to the man” on their behalf.

Consider the guy who wakes up every morning in a state of rage. His car won’t start, the dishwasher is still broken, his wife is still screaming at him for being “irresponsible”, and now his boss is mad at him for pissing off customers. As a hater, he is perfect fodder for your hate ambitions. Just tell him a simple lie, like: “you have every right to be angry, the government wants to take away your guns”, and, like magic, he is yours. Sure, the real cause of his anger is his lack of emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity to manage his own life. But why should you care? Your job is to use this guy as a tool to suit your own ends, not to help him be a better person.

So get with the game plan. As a hater, your only concern is to take advantage of their rage and anger for your own benefit.

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