Kneel to the alt-Christ.

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Alex Jones
Alex Jones, the Alt-Christ of the Alt-Right.
Masters of the art of hate know that the real Christ is the “alt-Christ”. They also know that the alt-Christ is here in the form of Alex Jones.

Real haters know that this guy is just gay.
Real haters know that this guy is just gay.
The alt-Christ provides true spiritual leadership for the alt-right. Whereas followers of Christ distinguish themselves with love and kindness for all, followers of the alt-Christ nurture rage as the right path to the divine.

As a result, there are significant differences between followers of Christ and followers of alt-Christ:

Issue Followers of ChristJesus Christ Followers of alt-ChristAlex Jones
Pro-Life Provide loving guidance to your fellow Christians so that they have healthy relationships where all life is respected. Everyone other than you and your immediate circle of friends are evil and the government must control their decisions.
Child Protective Services Necessary for families that cannot provide nurturing and safe environments for their children. A government service that takes care of the kids you produce while you “have fun”.
The Bible Have it, read it, understand it. Have it. No need to read it or understand it.
Love Live life by the rule of love. Make love where and when possible and with whomever you want.