Designated White Person

Show You Care!!! Make your non-white friend a Designated White Person with a DWP certificate from #ownyourabsurdity!!!

Extend “white power” to your non-white friends.
For many Americans Trump has legitimized what white supremacists have long believed: that a GREAT America is a WHITE America!!!

And with Trump in the White House, you can champion labels like “White Nationalist” without the hassle of being labelled “politically incorrect”. And you can make hasty judgements about non-whites being criminals, or lazy, or stupid without the feeling of guilt or remorse.

But what about that non-white friend of yours? You know, the black guy who stayed late at work to mentor you on how to use Excel and so you could save your job? Or the Hispanic lady who gave your child CPR and saved his life?

They may not be white, but they deserve the privileges of a white person.

Comes in a wallet size.
Now you can give non-whites the white privileges through a “Designated White Person” certificate from #ownyourabsurdity!!!

As a “Designated White Person” they will receive preferential treatment by local, state, and federal authorities that normally is reserved for white people.   These include*:

  • Recognized by law enforcement as a white person;
  • Reasonable assumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law;
  • Seating at restaurants without unwarranted scorn;
  • Treated as intellectually competent in public and private schools and universities;
  • Guaranteed voter registration upon request, and guaranteed access to voting stations.
  • Addressed respectfully as “Mr”, “Mrs”, or “Ms” by any authority.

(* #ownyourabsurdity makes no guarantees that friends with DWP certificates will get any preferential treatment. No refunds.)

With a “DWP” certificate, he’d be treated with respect.
What better way to look out for your non-white friends than by providing them DWP certificates from #ownyourabsurdity!!!

Prices are reasonable.  For a monthly fee of $200 ($50 for each additional family member) your non-white friend can be a DWP in good standing in our database .. and have the right to purchase bumper stickers, ID cards, jackets, shirts, hats, and other items proudly displaying “DWP” status.

And are you looking for work? What better way than selling DWP certificates to your friends. Just jack up the the price and pocket the difference!!!

So don’t wait!!! While Donald Trump in President, “being white is right!!!”.