Refugee targets.

Trump's BFF: Greg Abbott.
Abbott: one way combine a love of guns with a fear of refugees.
Greg Abbott loves Trump. And Trump loves Greg Abbott. And they both love guns and both hate refugees.

Greg Abbott is in the struggle of his life to “Keep Texas Red”. The liberal establishment, including its powerful liberal media, has swarmed the state spreading lies about the Trump, Abbott, and the GOP.

It is time to stand up and show what Abbott really stands for. Only then can Texans truly embrace Abbott.

And what better way to do this than to combine his passion for guns with his fear of refugees. So that is why MAGA is offering refugee target practice sheets.

Guns and refugees
One way Greg Abbott can combine his love of guns with fear of refugees.

The federal government’s refugee settlement program poses a serious threat to our nation.”
– Greg Abbott email, September 24, 2016

Once again President Obama’s administration is renewing his obsession with eliminating the basic rights of law-abiding Americans.
It’s clear that restricting your Second Amendment liberties will remain President Obama’s focus during the final seven months of his time in office.”
– Greg Abbott email, June 17, 2016

    For only $400 Own Your Absurdity Press will send you 10 pictures of refugees to use as target practice. What better way to ensure your second amendment rights are honed while you practice defending our freedom from the threat of refugee terrorists.