CIGS certificate

CIGS – Citizen in Good Standing – Certificate

Making America Great Again (“MAGA”) will include identifying and imprisoning, deporting, or otherwise eliminating potential terrorists.

But how do you identify potential terrorists? Due to silly interpretations of legal theories, such as “innocent until proven guilty”, law enforcement has been hesitant to do the right thing: track down and kick the crap out of anyone they believe could be a potential terrorist until they get a confession.

Worse, liberal organizations, such as Amnesty International, intrude with complaints about “human rights” violations, as though the lives of a few innocent people swept up in a round up of potential terrorists are more valuable than eliminating threats posed by potential terrorists.

Real Americans
When loyalty enforcers arrive, be ready with your CIGS certificate.
Trump and the MAGA think this is just shallow political correctness. If you round up 15 people among which 10 could be potential terrorists, it is definitely worth eliminating all 15 rather than going through the hassle of verifying which are the true potential terrorist and which are “innocent”.

Some people might be nervous about this. How can they prove they are definitely not potential terrorists when there is really no way to prove they aren’t?

Not to worry. At #ownyourabsurdity, we have your back – through CIGS – Citizen In Good Standing – certificates.

CIGS certificate
You can’t “prove” that you are not a potential terrorist, but a CIGS certificate sure can help.

With this certificate, law enforcement and “Trump vigilantes” will be less likely to assume you are a potential terrorist and more likely to leave you alone.

You can get your certificate for a mere $1000 / person ($500 for each additional family member), followed by a $500 annual maintenance fee ($250 for each additional family member).

Don’t you feel you and your family deserve the security against erroneous accusations of being a potential terrorist?

The program serves a secondary purpose. Those not on the CIGS national database are the ones that should be considered potential terrorists. What other reason would they not be willing to shell out the $ for a CIGS certificate other than they harbor terrorist sentiments.

So get your certificate once they become available.