“Religious Liberty”

You’ll never master rage by emulating Jimmy Carter.
“Religious Liberty” – a new and easy way to promote The Art Of Rage.

“Religious Liberty” is the new catch phrase of those looking for a fun and easy way to stoke hate and rage for their personal gain.

Protecting “Religious Liberty” assumes that your “Traditional Christian Values” are under threat by the secular state, and you are forced to do things that are abhorrent to your beliefs.

And just what are “Traditional Christian Values”?

Emulate Franklin Graham instead. He can make hate and fear work for you.
There was a time when “Traditional Christian Values” meant loving your neighbor, feeding the poor, housing the homeless. and treating others the way you would like to be treated.

Luckily those days are gone. We now have a much simpler definition: any belief that you feel is under threat by a world you refuse to understand.

Ted Cruz – a master of “Religious Freedom” rage.
Consider Jimmy Carter vs Franklin Graham. For Jimmy Carter, “Traditional Christian Values” means working with Habitat for Humanity and preaching love through his example. For Franklin Graham “Traditional Christian Values” means standing in front of a mic and telling thousands of people that they are living among heathens and the world is becoming Godless.

Now which example do you think will make your richer sooner? That’s right .. so put down that hammer and let the hate and rage of Franklin Graham be your example of “Traditional Christian Values”.

There is no easier way to learn how to use “Religious Liberty” as a means to stoke anger and rage for your on gain than evaluating the tweets of the pros. Try if for yourself: